How to REPAY your loan

As stated on the George W. Wright Students Aid Fund Application:

  • When you have completed your education or have left school, you are obligated to notify the George W. Wright Students Aid Fund of this fact and begin repayment.
  • You must advise the Fund of your current address at all times.

ADDITIONALLY AS YOU SIGNED in your loan application,

“I understand that I am honor bound to repay any loan that is granted me… when I cease my education, whether or not I graduate…”

Please note:  There is not a 6 month grace period.

You are required to pay 1% of your total loan monthly.  Please note this is a 0% interest loan. To simplify the repayment process:

Please write your loan number on your check and mail checks to:
George Wright Fund
P.O. Box 187
Mercer, PA 16137

Thank you for your repayment.  As each dollar is repaid to the GWW fund, it will be available to the Trustees to aid another deserving student.

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